Welcome to Aikido

„Even the longest journey starts with a first step...“ Laotse

Being alive implies being in motion. Motion is the creator of progress.

One of the most graceful and subtle of the martial arts, Aikido encourages personal progress through the power of respiration and natural body movement. The pleasure of physical self-awareness in connection with the teachings of oriental philosophy and spirituality promotes relaxation, concentration, stamina and increases self-confidence. Aikido creates inner calm and balance. It leads you towards a more relaxed attitude finding yourself at ease with yourself and others. Aikido emphasizes and awakens the intuitive way of thinking and acting.
You will benefit from inner health and vitality and the ability to walk through life with greater flexibility and joy. Anyone can learn Aikido at any age. You are most welcome to participate in a trial and free-of-charge lesson.

Are you ready for your first step into a new life experience of well-being?

We are already looking forward to welcoming you on your journey.

With kind regards
Frank Ostoff

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